I heard about Sulafa's 43 years ago from my mother, when I was a child learning about our heritage. Since that time, I have depended on   Sulafa to cover my family's needs." 

Em Ramzy is 63 now, widowed for the past 34 years. She has raised her two sons alone, and put them through university. Embroidery is her relaxation, as well as her income, and she continues to learn. She was part of a group of Sulafa embroiderers studying new stitches through the winter.

  "I celebrate payday at Sulafa," Em Ramzy said. "If my sons are having a difficult month, I go to the market and buy vegetables for their families. Our normal daily meal is potato, eggs or lentils. But on payday, I cook fatah with chicken and rice, and invite my sons' families to enjoy the food with me."